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Variable Data Printing

Variable Data embodies a wide range of options. Our most common example is matching an addressed letter to the same addressed envelope. Keep in mind, if you have a mailing list in an excel format, we can do all the work for you.

Direct Mailers / Newsletters

Direct Mailers are simple, easy, and compact mailers that can be classified as a postcard or one sheet folded and tabbed. Newsletters are often requested by clients as a form of outreach and allow for more information than direct mailers. 

Envelopes / Labels

For mailings, envelopes can be provided by the customer or printed upon an order request. We have the ability to print on the front and back flaps of many standard and non-standard sizes. Address labels are a viable option for clients who want to complete their own mailing.

CASS Certification & NCOA

Having a CASS Certification with standard NCOA  (National Change Of Address) updates allow us to provide a bulk mailing service to our clients. Together these elements help us process your list with the post office’s database to validate all mailing addresses and scrubs your list for duplicates if needed.

Postal Presorting / Non-Profit Mail

Postal Presorting is a key factor in our ability to provide a bulk mailing service to our customers. Presorting refers to the way a mailing is divided up and prepared for drop off at the post office. For any of our clients who have a non-profit mailing permit/account with the post office, you can get a discounted postage rate. Take advantage of this incredible outreach opportunity and contact us to see which discounts you qualify for.

EDDM Mailing

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailings can help you find the customers that matter most. We can not only do the mailing for you, but also help decide on a mailing list based on demographics and mailing routes near you or your business. 


Step 1

For us to scrub your mailing list, we need you to specify how you would like us to do that at the beginning of your order to eliminate confusion and miscommunication.

Step 2

After choosing one of the 3 options below (Name, Address, Household), we need to schedule a mailing date for us to drop it at the post office. Call us for further assistance and turnaround times.

Step 3

Sit back and relax. We’ll take it from here. We ensure that your materials are printed and mailed according to the most current postal regulations, enabling you to leverage applicable discounts.

Remove Duplicates By Name

To remove duplicates by name our system looks specifically at the name or first and last name columns to find exact duplicates. If there is any variation at all it will not flag it. For example, it will not remove a duplicate if one excel row has capital letters and one row has lower case letters of the same name. If a “&” symbol vs. “and” is the variation, it will not remove this as a duplicate.

Remove Duplicates By Address

To remove duplicates by address our system looks specifically at the address column and finds exact matches to remove duplicates. If two different people have the same address and completely different names, the system will chose randomly which one to keep. Our team does not have any control over which one to delete.

Remove Duplicates By Household

To remove duplicates by household our system looks at the name column(s) and address column and will randomly choose one name to keep for each address. For example, if there is a husband and wife on two separate rows with the same address, it will randomly choose one and delete the other. Unfortunately again, our team cannot specify which one for it to keep. Also note, our system will only delete the duplicate if the last names are the same as well.


Ask a Designer

Take a few minutes to call, email, or visit our contact page to consult with a designer about your project. Our design team is skilled at creative use of color, typography, photos and illustrations that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your project. 

File Upload

Send us your digital files through our website with a click of your mouse. Just go to our contact or order pages, fill out the forms and click “Attach Files”. This will send your files directly to us so we can start your ordering process to bring your visual communications to life.