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Booklet Making

Make your project POP with the exceptional binding options we offer. Saddle stitch and coil binding are among the most popular requests. Talk to a team member today to find out more.

Scoring, Perforating, & Cutting

Our team is super excited for the new Aerocut machine that can do it all. The Aerocut can do all three of these in one or two passes allowing for a faster turnaround time to you!

Padding & Collating

Whether you need your job collated or padded, we can get it done for you. Most of our padding jobs include, but are not limited to, NCR, Rx pads, and stationary notepads.


We have several different pieces of folding equipment allowing us to do everything from a trifold / bifold to a gate fold / speciality fold. We appreciate the details that transform a project from ordinary into extraordinary.

Tabbing & Laminating

We have the ability to print tabs for our clients’ binders and documents. We can also laminate anything from a small business card / ID card, to a larger poster. Our goal is to make sure you can make a sharp, professional impression.

Shrink Wrapping

As a curtesy to our clients, we shrink wrap any job that will not easily fit into one of our boxes. If requested at time of order, we offer other shrink wrapping options as well (i.e. in groups of 50).


Ask a Designer

Take a few minutes to call, email, or visit our contact page to consult with a designer about your project. Our design team is skilled at creative use of color, typography, photos and illustrations that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your project. 

File Upload

Send us your digital files through our website with a click of your mouse. Just go to our contact or order pages, fill out the forms and click “Attach Files”. This will send your files directly to us so we can start your ordering process to bring your visual communications to life.