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Whether on the phone, online, or in person – you will experience the same expertise from our customer service team. We will translate your words and ideas into powerful visuals that command attention and get results. Let’s get started!



Got a question about printing or need some help preparing your files for print? We’re happy to share our knowledge, experience, and advice with you. After all, we want to make sure you look good on paper. Please email us at if your question did not get answered.

You may attach artwork to your order form or contact form on our website. If any of these links are giving you issues, then please email us at The preferred file type is a PDF. If your artwork goes to the edge of the paper, please be sure all type and text is at least 0.125 inches away from the edge of your piece. If able, please submit your artwork with bleed and crop marks. We understand this may not be possible all the time so if there are any questions or concerns about this step, please email or call us.

When you place an order, please answer the following:
Job Name
PO # (not required)
Color / Black & White
One Sided / Two Sided
Paper Type (matte / gloss)
Paper Weight (cover / text)
Due Date

Please note that if you are unsure how to answer these questions, then we are more than happy to meet with you in person.

Bleeds is a term graphic designers use referring to the extra print area around the edge of the artwork that will get trimmed off during the printing process. This allows for the artwork to “bleed” off the edge of the paper with no white border around it.

We like for our bleed margin to be 0.125 inches. If obtaining a bleed margin is possible, then please do so before submitting artwork. If not, let us know, as our design team has work around tools to help you still achieve the high quality print you are looking for.

To get an estimate/quote from us, please navigate to our Services page. There you will find a form to fill out that can guide you through the process. Please do not call us for a quote, as many factors are taken into consideration for pricing. If the form is having any issues, then please email us your information at